Develop Quality with Values

The Development booster for 80.000 organizations worldwide: Organic Quality Management (OQM®)

In times of digital and agile transformation, eight biblical quality characteristics are the key factor for sustainable and extraordinary growth in church, non profit and profit organizations

What is OQM?

OQM® is more than just a survey – it’s a process for developing an organization.


Who is OQM for?

The principles behind OQM® are applicable for organizations of every form and size.

The Team behind OQM

Get to know the great mix of experiences that group around OQM.


What our Clients say about OQM
„OQM® is an effective, scientifically established analysis instrument which enables companies and organizations to exactly determine their present state and provides many conclusions about the quality and attitude of workers. Highly recommended.”
Prof. Dr. Jörg Knoblauch
Winner of the Ludwig-Erhard-Prize
“We were struggling in my team with a grave lack of trust. That’s a very delicate area. If someone wants to help in that he has to above all be trustworthy himself. This was my experience with OQM International – a convincing, personal proposal!”
Dr. Johannes zu Eltz
Dean Catholic Diocese Frankfurt a. M., Germany
“Healthy fruit grows out of a healthy root. By implementing Organic Quality Management (OQM®) we’ve been able to integrate our values and quality in a measurable, systematic process in all leadership and management processes. All managers and workers are inspired to bring their activities into alignment with the central values of juwi.”
Fred Jung
Board of the juwi Group
“For the first time I experienced a partner and consultant who understood that it’s not just all about economic success, but also lasting value-centered growth.”
Johannes Freiherr von Heereman
Former national General Manager of the German Malteser non-profit LLC

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